Non-ferrous metals

Non-ferrous metals

We purchase non-ferrous metals or mixtures containing these metals from businesses and individuals. The price depends on the metal content, category and quality and at the time of a valid purchase of reimbursement.

A person selling scrap metal must provide an identity document. From 2014 01 01, you are subject to 5 percent of the personal income tax (PIT) for sold or otherwise transferred ownership of non precious metal scrap. The personal income tax shall be deducted from the sale price and will be paid for a resident in the budget.

Please note that -2 percent of scrap metal loaded weight is subtracted from the sale as a pollution rate of non-metallic impurities.


For more information, please contact us: 8 643 22 111

Non ferrous metals

  • Copper – 4297 €/t.
  • Aluminium – 1460 €/t.
  • Lead – 1609 €/t.
  • Nickel – 9488 €/t.