About us

About us

JSC „KATERA“ business is automotive catalysts, precious and non-ferrous metals and electronic scrap collection, processing and export. We purchase from businesses and individuals. We have all the necessary licenses and permits.

For detailed information on a case, contact us and we will offer you the best and most advantageous conditions of cooperation! Waste scrap is purchased in strict accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

From 2014 01 01, you are subject to 5 percent of the personal income tax (PIT) for sold or otherwise transferred ownership of non precious metal scrap. The personal income tax shall be deducted from the sale price and will be paid for a resident in the budget.

Income tax for the catalyst scrap is not deducted. The price is quoted without VAT. Payment Terms: decommissioned scrap price is calculated according to the weight of the metal category and quality of the existing feed-rates. Car catalyst price is calculated according to their contents precious metal content and the date of metal commodities prices. Paid by bank transfer to the client’s specified bank account or in cash immediately.

Prohibited to purchase base metal scrap and waste list: http://www3.lrs.lt/pls/inter3/dokpaieska.showdoc_l?p_id=437197&p_query=&p_tr2=2

We are a small company, which employs professional, experienced, honest and experienced workers, so we can offer competitive buying prices, honesty and attention to each client, which everyone is important to us. We advise you how to profitably sell your waste, will give you a range of consultations.

For scrap metal or the catalyst composition analysis (X-ray fluorescence analysis) we use precise and expensive equipment (XRF spectrum analyzer), it can accurately and quickly identify scrap metal or the catalyst composition, so we can offer the best price at the date of metal commodities prices. To ensure transparency, the customer should monitor the entire workflow from scrap weighing, milling, sampling and spectral analysis by XRF.